Dear Parishioners,

In line with the national and governmental directions the public celebration of Sunday and weekday Masses in the parish has been recommenced, but on a limited basis. At the present time, only 50 people can be present in the church at one time. This number includes members of the clergy celebrating mass.

With this in mind, we have placed signs indicating where people should sit to maintain the 2-metre safe distancing. We ask that you use the special sanitizer available at the doors on entry and exit, and follow the stewards’ direction on entry. At communion time, we ask that you remain in your seats and the Priest/ Eucharistic minister will come to you. We ask you that you receive communion in the hand for this time. Please fold your hands across your chest if you do not wish to receive communion. At the end of Mass, we ask if everyone to leave the church as there is a requirement to clean the church after each Mass. The church will reopen for private prayer after 2 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.